........... I said answer me kid!
......... Murdered!
........... I said nothing!
Take care.................
Many people have seen,  felt or heard:
*  opening & closing of doors                                   
*  whistling in the corridors                                    
*  rocking chairs rocking on their own
*  a woman in white Victorian dress      
*  Scents of food, perfume, cigar & pipe tobacco
*  getting pinched and poked on the behind
*  Dizziness /off balance on different
floors            and  in rooms
*  A felling of being hit on left side of
face               or a sharp  pain  in temple                 
*  Sounds of  bar chatter and music
*  Television sounds
*  A women voice mourning     
*  Their bottom's being pinched  
*  Ear rings being pulled off
* Ball moving on it's own
* Door knobs turning
* knocking on the wall or doors
* The Shadow Man
* Hair being pulled
* Odor's of "the skunk man"
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A Victorian woman                     
looking out the window, floating on
Ralph Housman a former patron and musician
from the Shanley Hotel shares a few ghost stories

* One day the bar maid went to the back room to get
some pretzels, the next thing he saw her running out the
front door.  She never returned back to work.
* A man was seemed running out the bathroom with his
pants still down, never to return back to the bar.
* He has seen a beautiful Victorian dressed women
starring out the third floor window.
* Says, many a person can share the very same story.
Rosie Died in 1911 while falling in a well. She was only 3 years old.
Anna Moved here from Ireland to make a better life for herself. Seen and heard in bordello area.
Jonathan  Around 6 years of age, has been seen and heard in all area's of the hotel. Loves to
bounce balls down the stair case
T.J. Tended bar in the 80's. Was a well liked guy, full of laughs. Died at the age of 35 from Agent
Orange. Liked the ladies and would steal little trinkets from the guests and hide them in the
basement. Has been heard and seen in bar area and basement
James Shanley Owner of Hotel. One can hear him slamming his ruler on the bar when things got
out of control. At times you can hear him whistling in the hallways. Died of a heart attack.
Mrs. Beatrice Shanley was called 'the Lady' She had lost all 3 of her children before they turned one
yr. Of age.
Esther Faughnan Very beautiful women. Died while giving birth to her third child. She was Mrs.
Shanley sister A lovely, lovely woman who welcomes visitors!!! Mostly hangs out on the second
floor apartment or telephone booth. She seems to come and go
Grover Lived in the hotel around the 50's. A well dress man and lovely personality. Died of old age.
Has been heard all over the hotel but especially in Marquerites room.
Oscar Lived in the hotel around the 50's. He was the piano man and a very much likeable guy. One
can hear him still play the piano and walk up and down the staircase
Maddie has been heard in the bordello. A beautiful woman filled with excitement and wit.
Rose Ann Seems to linger in the Rose Room here she stayed in between her Worldly travels. One
can still see her writing post cards .  
John Faughnan Has been seen and heard all through the hotel. Took over management of the
hotel after the death of Mr. Shanley. He seems to follow women who visit the hotel.
The Honey-Mooners Seen and heard in the Blue Room
Marcus  is seen in the picture with the white ruffled shirt with black vest. From the early 1900's and
watches over the hotel and the "lady of the house"
"Joe" Goes by the name of Joe in fear of some one knowing his real name. Makes known of his
A Man in the Blue Room bathroom had hung himself over grief during the stock market crash  
Emma was the cook during Mr. Shanley's time. She seems to be a main 'fixture' in the hotel
Frank "The Guardian" His picture has been taken in doorway to the hall
Peter Grager  the hotel barber suffered a great loss when his four year old daughter. Rosie, fell into
a well on the nearby Hoonbeck farm and drowned.  "The child had lifted up the lid and fell head first
into the spring and the body was found two hours afterward "according to the Middletown Daily
Times of May 31 1911
Caroline A beautiful, proud Victorian women
Claire  In 1900's hung herself on 3rd floor
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How  many are here? ........33
........Juliet's here! Oh!
First paranormal pictures taken at the
Shanley Hotel
A Victorian
woman can be
seen behind
the woman in
the photo


Picture taken by
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Names of our Spirit Residents
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A woman had said 'someone hit her foot'
We asked who it was and the Spirit said
" She tripped you under my foot!"
I had mentioned that I felt like a
fool sitting here and proceeded to
the next room.......the Spirits had
"They're on to us."
Our spirit resident 'Joe' told
one of our guest..................F...You!
Ralph Housman  1980's
at the Shanley Hotel
The Shanley Hotel consists of 33 resident spirits and 3 vortex's. (Many,
many come and go) They stop by just to see what's happening, some
stay for long periods of time or some just stop in to chat with their old
friends. But........
They always come back to visit.....dead or alive!